* This is the gold standard for hair removal, it is effective, fast, convenient and safe for many skin types. 755nm Alexandrite laser + 808nm Diode laser + 1064nm Nd YAG laser is the complete and effective hair removal machine available today. By incorporating multiple wavelengths and technologies, it not only enables professionals to treat a wide range of hair types, but also enables patients to enjoy a comfortable treatment process and an effective clinical outcome.
* The laser machine have three wavelength, the 755nm Alexandrite laser is for shallow hair, the 808nm Diode laser is for most of the hair, the 1064nm Nd YAG laser is for deep hair, the three wavelength can also work together. Adapt for all skin types from I to VI and all hair colors such as thick, thin, black, gray, blond, brown, etc.


Treatment theory of diode laser hair removal machine:

Máquina de Depilación Láser
The diode laser penetrates deep into the dermis and is absorbed by melanin in the hair follicles. The laser energy is converted into thermal energy, which damages the hair follicle without damaging the surrounding tissue for effective hair removal. And it is twice as efficient as other diode laser machines.
This new Diode Laser 1200W for hair removal can emit strong pulses to destroy the deep roots of the follicles. Strong pulses are very short, so they can not only destroy rapidly targeting hair follicles, but they also do not harm neighboring tissues, accounting for the efficacy of permanent hair removal.
maquina depilacion laser china
Many people are looking for a high power laser hair removal machine, but the real output power of many machines cannot be achieved. This is a 1200W real power laser hair removal machine! Equipped with three treatment heads at the same time to satisfy the large light spot with high power output. Rapid hair removal greatly saves treatment time.
comprar un laser de depilación chino
Skin cooling plate:it can cool down in time to bring customers a comfortable treatment experience.
Big spot size 30mm * 30mm(15*15MM y 20*20MM opcional):fast hair removal of all hair colors and skin types.
Features of  Commercial laser diodo hair removal machine for salon:
* 1200W high output power, provides enough and stable power to achieve better treatment effect.
* Best quality imported "USA-COHERENT" laser generator.
* Painless and permanent result.
Application of Commercial laser hair removal machine:
equipos de depilacion laser 1200
* Permanent hair removal for all skin types (I, II, III, IV, V, VI.)
* Can be used for all kinds of body areas such as lip hair, beard, chest hair, underarm hair, back hair, arm hair, leg hair and unwanted hair out of line bikini etc.

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