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Shockwave therapy machine for sale is a kind of physical mechanism by medium (air or gas) mechanical pulse wave conduction strong, the device will gas pulse wave into precise ballistic shock wave generated by the treatment, probe positioning and moving, can produce good curative effect on pain in extensive human body tissue.

Principle Treatment of the Shockwave Therapy Equipment for Sale:

1. Clinical treatment of shock waves has been reported in a large number of medical literatures and confirmed the safety and effectiveness of this treatment.

2. The mechanism of treating pain and promoting tissue rehabilitation. The chemical environment of shock therapy machine for sale generated by the device can change the wound site, the organization and the release of chemical substances inhibiting pain, cell membrane and frequency can destroy pain receptors, inhibit the generation and preaching, pain signals, in addition, the shock wave therapy equipment machine cost caused by the endorphin production, reduce skin sensitive to pain.


Screen of the Shockwave Therapy Machine


shockwave machine cost



The above mechanisms for synthesis injuries, can achieve effective long-term treatment effect for patients with pain. By improving the treatment area and reduce the inflammation of the affected area The new supersedes the old, portable shockwave machine and promote rehabilitation of the organization, including its mechanism of release affected calcinosis, alleviate edema and increase the mechanical load of the organization.


The Treatment Scope of the Shockwave Therapy Device Price

1. Sciatica.

2. Abnormal symptoms of spinal columnneck.

3. Shoulder pain.

4. Abnormality of muscular tension, related symptoms caused by tension.

5. Associated symptoms of abnormality of joint or ligament.

6. Shoulder arm pain syndrome.

7. Femur rotor tendinitis.

8. Lumbar spine syndrome. 

9. Knee arthritis, sciatica, tinnitus, constipation, frequency of urine, prostatitis, lymphedema, etc.


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