cryolipolysis machine
* The cryolipolysis process is carried out through an advanced machine that freezes fat so that it is then dissolved by the body. The basic steps are very simple. The treatment is efficient and safe. Our best cryolipolysis machine. Portable design is more economical.
Principle of portable cryolipolysis machine:
maquina de Cryolipolysis
* The water and fat ice point is 0 ℃ and 4-6 ℃ respectively, by virtue of which the machine can successfully eliminate fat cells in the body.
* Using the characteristic that the triglycerides in fat will become solid at the specified temperature, the portable cryolipolysis machine transmits the low temperature waves that are precisely controlled at the designated position of fat removal by the emitter not invasive. As a result, specific fat cells begin to break down and disappear naturally, causing fat layers to gradually reduce in the normal metabolism process.
* With the combination of these three technologies, "cryolipolysis" and "negative pressure + carving of optical energy", the emitted wave penetrates fat and creates resonance in it. Subsequently, countless tiny vacuum bubbles appear whose commutative blow leads to uneven pressure inside and outside the membrane. When the membrane tip is reached, it bursts, resulting in the breakdown of fat and the reduction of cellulite.
Advantages of portable cryolipolysis machine:
1. As the most sophisticated and superior portable cryolipolysis machine in China, it has the elegant appearance that is competent enough to offer you a visual feast.
2. When choosing the cryolipolysis beauty machine, you do not have to worry about rebound, bleeding, recovery time and side effect.
3. The design of superior details (such as injection molding screen and metal plate powder + spray housing) guarantees high quality and long service life.
Non-Invasive, Non surgical, No downtime.
Sleeping fat reduction treatment, procedure is comfortable.
TWO silicone material type hand-pieces are specially designed for symmetric treatment.
Two treatment heads can work either independently or simultaneously.
Hand free treatment, save the labor work cost and time.
Combined with Infrared light, Vacuum, Cryolipolysis and vibration function together.
User friendly screen and the specially designed handles, easy to operate
As one of the most effective way of reducing fat layers, this machine is able to cut down fat by 20% at average.
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Applicable Groups
The ideal objects of cryolipolysis are those who want to lose weight but cannot achieve through diet and exercise. If you expect to reduce fat in specific positions, especially waist and abdomen, then this beauty equipment may be right for you.
1. Organization: The shape of limbs, buttocks, thorax and abdomen.
2. Cleaning: Eliminates cellulite and reduces proud meat.
3. Appreciation: Increase skin elasticity and improve orange peel.
4. Relief: Relax muscles, promote blood circulation, relieve fatigue, pain and hydroderma.
5. Detoxification: Promote lymphatic circulation and detoxification of the abdomen.
360 cryolipolysis
*Disclaimer: Efecto específico varían de persona.
We also have an upright weight loss machine -- 5 handles cryolipolysis fat freezing machine.

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