* This soprano ice diode laser hair removal technology combines the benefits of high absorption of Alexandrite wavelength with the treatment coverage, comfort and low maintenance of the diode laser, offering a cutting-edge hair removal solution that offers superior results, even for darker skin types.
* This unique soprano ice laser machine device that combines 755 nm long pulse alexandrite and 1064 nm long pulse NAG: YAG. The pulsed Alexandrite wavelength 755 nm long due to the high absorption of melanin is effective for hair removal and treatment of pigmented lesions. The pulsed wavelength of Nd: YAG of 1064 nm long rejuvenates the skin by stimulating the dermis layer, effectively treating vascular lesions.
* This machine allows professionals to treat the widest range of hair types and colors, quickly and painlessly, throughout the year, which makes soprano ice diode laser essential to reach the widest possible clientele. Advanced hair removal clinics and spa around the world now offer this laser hair removal machine as an essential clinical offer.
Treatment theory
laser diode hair removal machine
Alexandrite laser  755nm
The 755nm is characterized by a more potent melanin absorption, so it is suitable for light and thin hair. In this way, this wavelength aims to remove hair in areas such as eyebrows, upper lip, etc.
Diode laser 808nm
Suitable for almost all types of hair, 808nm can penetrate subcutaneous adipose tissues, as well as deep dermis to act on various body parts. Therefore, it makes deep hair removal done quickly and completely.
Nd Yag Laser 1064nm
Because 1064nm has the characteristics of lower melanin absorption but deeper penetration into follicles, it mostly provides dark colored hair solutions. In other words, this longer wavelength focuses on treatment areas such as the scalp, armpits, the bikini line, etc.
If the growth of your hair removal practice freezes, it is time to move on to Soprano ICE. Eradicate thick hair with the 808 diode and clean thin hair with the Alexandrite laser. It also provides solutions for dark hair color with 1064. Excellent combination!
Operation screen
Laser diodo soprano ice maquina
Why do more people choose this machine?
* Shooting guarantee: 10 - 40 million time shots.
* Germany imported 16 laser bars, which guarantees energy.
laser soprano ice
* The large 15 * 15mm / 20 * 20mm square spot is not only capable of eliminating the dead treatment zone of the traditional round one, but also has high efficiency, fast speed and the largest treatment area.
* This soprano ice laser machine covers most of the functions due to its three wavelengths. 755nm for thin and light hair, 808 for light and dark and 1064 for dark.
* This ice soprano diode laser hair removal machine adopts a selective thermodynamic theory that allows follicle melanin to absorb energy. The temperature of follicles increases instantly. As a result, the follicles, the hair shaft and the supporting organization of the stem cells around them are damaged, which fundamentally prevents the development of "elegant" skins "to achieve the goal of long-term hair removal.
This machine works best in practice!
* Fast: Due to the square size of the large spot, the treatment time is shortened. Because its speed is approximately four or five times faster than the normal machine.
* Almost no skin dispersion. There is no damage to the skin or sweat glands, there are no scars or side effects.
* Because the laser can penetrate deeply into the hair follicles, energy loss can be prevented.
* 3 cooling systems in a machine can make momentary epidermal anesthesia, not painless during, increases comfort during treatment.
* It is so safe and comfortable that patients can have a relaxing experience.
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* Permanent hair removal for all kinds skin types (I, II,III, IV, V, VI.)
* It can be used for all kinds of body areas, like lip hair, beard, chest hair, armpit hair, back hair, arm hair, leg hair, and unwanted hair outside the bikini line etc.
Laser Diode Hair Removal Machine
* Disclaimer: Specific effect vary from person.



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