Pressotherapy (air pressure therapy): 5 special air bags, 5 valves, air connectors are inflated and deflated regularly with air pressure continuously changing, which can be erased, dissociate, break down fat cells, to do the air pressure massage and reduction of cellulite, the faradic body and the lymphatic drainage of the toxin from some harmful deposits inside the body and internal organs.

Pressotherapy cost

This air pressure massager is an excellent instrument for full body massage. Designed scientifically and professionally, this massager activates the lymphatic circulation, softens and breaks the connective fatty tissue, excretes any toxin and waste by regulating inflation and deflation. It provides an effective and lasting effect against cellulite, fat deposits and fluid retention, thus becoming an ideal instrument to lose weight. It can also be used as an ideal instrument for body massage and relaxation.


Screen of Pressotherapy BM-500


Pressotherapy screen


Function of Pressotherapy BM-500

1. Promote blood circulation.

2. Modeling the body, against cellulite, fat deposits and fluid retention.

3. From toxin ganglia, improve lymphatic drainage, lymphatic drainage massage.

4. Dissolution of fat, reduce "Orange Line".

5. Lose weight and dissipate the toxin.

6. Physical therapy to take care of muscles and nerves.

7. Accelerate metabolism, activate blood circulation.

8. Relieve tension and unknown liver pain.

9. Reduce inflammation, elimination of machinery.

10. Reduce the pressure, Relax Body and relaxation of the mind, throughout the body and cellulite reduction.


Detail of Pressotherapy BM-500


Pressotherapy machine



1. The power of pressure on the arms, abdomen and thighs can be adjusted separately.

2. With a vibrating pair of mouse massage.

3. 5 air valves, 5 connectors, 5 airbags.

4. 5 groups of output with clear and visible screen.

5. the most efficient computer programs and most comfortable, easy operation.


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