Treatment Theory of New Multifunctional machine BM-102:
laser diodo
For 808nm Diode Laser: 808nm is the gold standard for hair removal, it is effective, fast, convenient and safe for many skin types. The diode laser hair removal system involves a concentrated beam of light that is directed towards the hair follicles and the melanin contained in them. The pigment absorbs the energy of the laser, raises its temperature, and is then destroyed to achieve the purpose of permanent hair removal. While the surrounding skin hardly absorbs the energy and then simultaneously protects itself from damage.
For IPL SHR OPT: The photochemical effect produced after the lasertech SHR ipl pulsed intense light acts on the skin. The effect leads to the change of the chemical structure of those molecules within the collagen and elastic fiber. In this way, the original elasticity of the skin returns again.
nd yag laser
For ND.YAG Laser: Nd.YAG laser equipment adopts Q switching mode, which uses the instant laser emitted to break up the pigment. After absorbing the energy from the laser, the pigments swell and break down. Some pigments in the deep cuticle of the skin leave the body immediately, and other pigments in the deep structure break down and become the small granule that can be swallowed and digested by lymphocytes, which are eventually ingested from the body without damaging the normal skin.
CHARACTERISTICS of New Multifunctional machine:
1. Fast hair removal, shoot up to 10 times / second (1-10HZ), as fast as diode laser.
1. The IPL laser hair removal machine adopts the new AFT (Advanced Fluorescence Technology) technology, which is useful in treatment and absorbs water so that the patient less pain.
2. Filters for SHR
480nm: Vascular therapy.
530nm: Skin rejuvenation.
530nm: Pigmentation therapy.
590nm: wrinkle removal.
640nm: Hair removal.
690nm: Acne Therapy.
3. Lamps imported from Germany, 400000-500000 shots can be reached.
For Laser ND. YAG:
1. 3 types of laser, 532nm / 1064nm / 1320nm. Suitable for all skin types and tattoos.
2. It can reach the maximum power of 1600mj. Others are only 1000mj.
3. This laser can fire up to 10 times / second (1-10Hz), but the normal laser is only 1-5Hz or 1-6Hz. Its treatment is much faster.
Depilacion maquina laser
For Diode Laser:
1. Big spot size 15 * 15mm or 20 * 20mm optional.
2. 12 best quality laser bars imported from "USA-COHERENT".
3. The laser generator has 50 ~ 80 million shots, long service life.
4. Safe permanent hair removal on all skin types (I, II, III, IV, V, VI).
Detachable treatment handle with 5 tips:
Detachable treatment handle with 5 tips
APPLICATIONS of New Multifunctional machine:
1. Hair removal.
2. Skin rejuvenation.
3. Pigmentation therapy.
4. Vascular Therapy.
5. Acne therapy.
6. Elimination of wrinkles.
7. Tattoo.
8. Hollywood shell.
9. Nevus of Ota.
10. Freckle.
11. Birthmark.
12. Onychomycosis.
Depilacion, rejuvenecimiento, eliminación de arrugas, eliminación de manchas, vascular terapia, eliminación de acné.
* Disclaimer: Specific effect vary from person.

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