With the improvement of the people’ livelihood, some people may get fatter and fatter, and they are seeking for healthy and safe methods to achieve their goals of losing weight. However, the final result is not what they want. How can they find the devices that can achieve this goal? Bestview offer you many types of body slimming machine for sale, such as liposonix device, cryolipolysis slimming machine, lipo laser machine etc. HIFU liposonix slimming machine adopts advanced technology, which is the ultrasound technology.

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The Definition of Liposonix Machine for Sale BM609

Ultrasonography refers to the sound wave that is higher than the range of human ear, and it usually refers to the high-frequency vibration mechanical wave with frequency above 20KHz. Besides, the ultrasonic frequency used in medical diagnosis is usually between 1MHz and dozens of MHz. It has the features of no damage to the human body, no pain.

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The important role of ultrasound in beauty salons is that it not only penetrates into the body, but also interacts with the body tissues. When the ultrasonic wave passes through the body and it will be refracted and reflected, which can occur at any interface of the ultrasonic wave. Ultrasound has a very short wavelength, which makes it easy to narrow the pulse beam, so the ultrasonic transducer can be small and compact.


Operation Screen

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Ultrasonic technology is weight loss instrument, which gathers the single pole radio frequency. The ultrasonic focus two big technologies, which lead the world technology tendency with the new body nursing concept and the scientific treatment course, it can bring the all-round repair and maintenance to the female form. Forwardly, it can achieve comprehensive solution body fat accumulation problem with professionally and thoroughly.


Details of Professional Liposonix Machine

liposonix machine BM609


The Advantages of Liposonix Equipment for Sale BM609

1. Perfect fusion of ultrasound and radio frequency technology.

2. With the new upgrade of low-frequency ultrasonic wave focusing technology and monopolar radio frequency dual-core technology, it can achieve the performance of smashing, dissolving fat and accelerating metabolism.

3. Non-surgical, non-narcotic treatment with a strong body temperature detection system and cooling system and no pains in the whole treatment process.

4. Intelligent control and friendly interface.

5. Safe, comfortable, effective with no side effects.

6. Non-surgical non-invasive treatment.


Body Slimming Effect of BM609

body slimming effect


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