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Treatment theory of intense pulsed light machine:
Have you tried plenty of hair removal machine or devices already? How about the performance and effect of these hair removal systems? There are lots of people that is hurt today by improper hair removal methods or bad machine with the pursuit of beauty and constant self-image enhancement. Under this circumstance, ipl laser machine for sale emerges to solve this problem, which has got great praise since its launching into the market.


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Intense pulsed light machine BW185 of Bestview Group is a safe and popular super hair removal machine, which mainly adopts intense pulsed light as technology supporting and performance assurance. With the biological stimulation of ipl, the collagen fibers and elastic fibers within the dermis are easily to be changed and restored its elastivity. In addition, the photo-thermal effect produced by ipl can strengthen the function of blood vessel and improve circulation so as to eliminate wrinkles and shrink pores. Generally speaking, there are much more pigment group in the lesion tissues than the normal skin tissue, which has higher heating rate than normal skin. Laser ipl laser hair removal machine makes full use of this huge temperature difference to close diseased vessel and decompose pigment while prevent the normal tissue from damaged.


Advantages of intense pulsed light machine:

The treatment parameters are adjustable according to different skin colors, follicle sizes and follicle depth.
The IPL light can directly aims at hair root so that the effect of permanent removal can be achieved.
No appearance of the side effect brought by traditional laser treatment.
Safe and painless, no harm to skin.
High efficiency and fast speed.
Wide range of applicable skin problems.
Easy to install and operate.
ipl shr
Application of IPL intense pulsed light machine:
Intense pulsed light machine can remove hair on different areas like arms, underarms, legs, chest, bikini, back, abdomen and neck,  men’s beard, hair between nose and lips etc.
However, the function of intense pulsed light machine in skin beauty field is far from limited to hair removal. Skin rejuvenation, pigmentation eliminating, vascular therapy, acne treatment as well as wrinkle improving are all what this amazing device capable of.
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* Disclaimer: Specific effect vary from person.
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