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Treatment theory of IPL laser e light shr:

* The IPL Super shr opt Hair Removal system emits varied wavelength, broad spectrum and intense pulse light, which permeate epidermis to the dermis of the skin. with the principle of selective absorption,the light is absorbed by the melanin in the hair follicles.Through the optical & thermal effect generated and sourced from the light, it achieves the purpose of removing unexpected hair by rapid destroying of hair follicle tissues.

* IPL laser hair removal device is an advanced and mature hair removal machine, which basically realize effective hair removal under the functioning of intense pulsed light. IPL laser hair removal machine for sale has better removal performance than old hair removal methods, which has short treatment cycle and no side-effect. Ipl laser hair removal machine adopts selective photothermal effect, and ipl has good handling effect of melanin, which accerate the abscission of unwanted hair while protect the surrounding skin tissue from harming or injuring.


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* The best ipl shr hair removal machine achieves permanent hair removal effect through the laser damage to hair follicles, which is totaaly safe and painless. In addition, best laser hair removal system can shrink pores, moisturizing and tighting skin. However, which is the best hair removal machine? There are thousands of ipl shr hair removal machine manufacturers all over the world, and customers may judge this in the perspective of enterprise scale, production experience and its productivity.

* The main ipl shr laser hair removal machine includes desktop IPL SHR BW187, vertical IPL SHR BW186 and diode laser hair removal machine. Bestview Group aims to provide the best ipl hair removal machine that has best removal effect, convenient and safe treatment. During the past days, we have made tremendous achievement, and our ipl hair removal system has been exported to many countries, such as Mexico, America, Peru, Chile, Spain, Brazil, Venezuela etc. We strain every nerve to improve the quality and performance of our ipl hair removal machine for sale while constantly lower our ipl laser hair removal machine price. 


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Advantages of ipl shr laser:

* Fast efficacy: The 15*50mm large spot and 10HZ maximum frequency enhance the treatment speed by 3-5 times at the very least.
* Safer: This system combines high-tech optics and human bioengineering technology, changing the old hair removal and skin rejuvenation methods that always produce pigmentation incidentally.
* No trauma: There isn’t any wound or trauma from the beginning to the end of this treatment.
* No post nursing: What’s needed doing after treatment is only sun-blocking and moisturizing.
* Stable effect: Equivalent to over 10 times of other methods, SHR has wider application, more distinct efficacy and stabler final result.


Application of e light shr Machine:

* Hair removal.

* Skin rejuvenation.
* Pigmentation therapy.
* Vascular therapy.
* Acne therapy.
* Winkle removal.
* Main Function.

* 6 functions in 1: Waxing, rejuvenation, wrinkle removal, stain removal, vascular therapy, acne removal.

ipl shr laser
* Disclaimer: Specific effect vary from person.
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