As time goes by, people is more interested in skin rejuvenmation items, and they always seek for help from all kinds of beauty centers or clinic to restore younger skin under the help of modern advanced beauty machine. Bestview group offers many multiple-function machine for your choice like HIFU+HIFU vaginal skin rejuvenation machine BM889, which is a very popular machine at home and abroad.

The Treatment Theory of The HIFU+HIFU Vaginal Tightening Machine
* HIFU+HIFU vaginal tightening machine BM889 can pass the surface of the skin and delivers high intensity focused ultrasound energy to the SMAS layer, which typically applied in cosmetic surgery. The collagen can be reorganized and the normal tissues outside the focal region is not damaged.
* As the name implies, HIFU adopts the high intensity focused ultrasound principle, allowing energy to focus on the collagen layer and the fascia layer (SMAS) at 3mm and 4.5mm from the subcutaneous tissue respectively. When the temperature rises to 65 ° C, the protein coagulation reaction occurs in the focused SMAS and the tensile force occurs therefore focusing on the freezing point. As a result, collagen recombination is performed and the newly generated collagen can tighten and lift the skin from the inside.
HIFU Vaginal Tightening
* Like HIFU, the principle adopted by hifu vaginal tightening machine is also high intensity focused ultrasound. What is different is the area that these two hand pieces point at. The energy produced by the ultrasonic waves penetrates the lamina propria and the muscle fiber layer at a predetermined depth. It contributes to the formation of a highly intensified region: region of focus. Within 0.1 second, the tempreture there can reach 65 ℃. The temperature can change the molecular structure and allow the collagen to organize with outside normal tissues. In this way, the muscular layer in the target area can gain the ideal effect.
hifu vaginal tightening
Three Heads for Facial Lifting
1.5mm head can penetrate into skin about the depth of 1.5mm with activating the dermis.
3.0mm head can penetrate into skin about the depth of 3.0mm with activating the dermis layer of the collagen.
4.5mm head can penetrate into skinabout the depth of 4.5mm with activating SMAS layer.
Vaginal Tighten Heads
The 1.4.5mm head can produce the energy of the SMAS and make the SMAS tighten and lift while maintaining the elasticity of the vagina.
The 2.3.0mm head can penetrate the skin at a depth of 3.0mm with the activation of the collagen dermis.
The application of HIFU + HIFU Vaginal Tightening Machine
1. Squeeze the vagina, narrow lips and shape the clitoris.
2. Facelift, wrinkle removal, skin rejuvenation, etc.
Vaginal HIFU
The advantages of HIFU Vaginal Tightening Machine:
1. The image of the treatment area is formed in the HIFU treatment interface. It can be seen through the image near “SCAN”
2. The more shots there are, the longer their useful life. For this beauty machine, there are 10,000 shots for each handpiece.
3. In the treatment process, the energy of the ultrasonic wave is focused on the target point, which accelerates the final effect greatly.
4. Powerful as it is, difficult operation never occurs to this machine thanks to its reasonable and humanized design.
5. HIFU PARA VAGINA is equipped with the handpiece that can complete a 360 ° rotation, which leads to a comprehensive treatment.
6. The accessories delivered together with the host machine almost contain all the necessary things, so worries about additional costs and consumables will not be a problem.
7. Compared to traditional surgery, this method of treatment has no side effects or downtime.
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HIFU venta
* Disclaimer: Specific effect vary from person.




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