According to the research, the rate of the divorce is higher and higher. Among the reasons, one of the most important reasons is that unharmonious sexual life. So many women always seek for some methods to improve this condition. However, precisely to say, what kind of devices that can help them get rid of this situation? HIFU vaginal tightening machine is such a machine that is designed to solve all kinds of women problems, such as vaginal tightening and vaginal rejuvenation etc.

vaginal tightening machine

The treatment theory of HIFU vaginal rejuvenation machine

It adopts a non-invasive ultrasonic technique and directly acts on muscle layer. Besides this Hifu vaginal rejuvenation beauty machine has the ability of improving vagina health. The energy produced by ultrasonic waves penetrates into lamina propria and muscle fiber layer, which benefits the formation of a high intensified region. The temperature can reach as high as 65 degrees and changes inside molecule structure. Forwardly it enables collagen to reorganize with outside normal tissues. In this way, the muscle layer in targeted area can gain the satisfying effect.


Operation Screen of HIFU Vaginal Tightening Machine BM789


operation screen of BM789


The advantages of HIFU ultrasound knife vaginal tightening machine

1. No side effect

Comparing with the traditional methods, our portable vaginal tightening machine has no side effect and the customers can use it without worrying anything.

2. Over 10,000 shots

It can provide 10,000 shots with longer service life.

3. Two precise probes

4.5mm probe can produce the energy, which is able directly to act on the SMAS layer, and it finally achieves the purpose of tightening and lifting the vagina. At the same time it can improve the muscle structure and help restore elasticity. 3.0mm probe can produce energy, which accelerates cell activity and makes collagen restructure.

4. 360 degrees rotation treatment

This Hifu private machine is equipped with the hand piece that is a 360 degrees rotation, which can achieve the goal of-dimensional treatment.

5. Adjustable voltage 220v/110v.

6. Fast transportation.

7. Reliable warranty and all products are tested before sale.


Details of HIFU Vaginal Skin Rejuvenation Machine


details of BM789


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