Portable HIFU Machine


* 4D HIFU machine for sales use the most advanced High Intensity Focused Ultrasound (HIFU) technology for facial lifting ,skin tightening and body shaping. With 6 different depth of cartridges, one shot is total 12 lines and total 25mm length ,which sends the ultrasound energy to skin layer from 1.5mm,3.0mm to 16mm more accuracy, stable, and faster. Minimize treatment time to achieves the most effective result. 4D HIFU also can generate focused energy and go deeper into the cellulite to break cellulite, to achieve the body slimming result.


Working Theory of 4D hifu machine for sale:

working theory

* Use high energy ultrasound that focuses treatment position, so that the skin tissue to create heat, and cause cells high speed friction to stimulate collagen. This heat effect will not harm the epidermis, since treatment fast and direct access to the treatment site within 0-0.5 seconds without touching the surrounding tissue and can go directly to surface membrane system tendon (SMAS), which can be made firm skin while pulling the muscle layer, thin face to the progressive effect. Morever, we offer many types hifu machine for sale with low hifu machine cost, such as HIFU BM689, portable hifu machine BM589 and 4D HIFU machine.
* Bestview 4D hifu machine for sale is our new product, which combines the advantages of portable hifu BM589 and hifu BM689, and it has also been added more extra functions that ensures better performance and longer service life. The operation process can be more accurate and evident, which makes it easier for users to operate under any circumstance. 4D hifu machine for sale device is invented to adapt to the different requirements of different users, which is totally a high-tech hifu machine for sale. If you are looking for reliable hifu machine manufacturers that offer favorable hifu machine price, Welcome to contact us at any time for a free inquiry.

For different treatment area 4D hifu machine for sale:

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Advantages of hifu machine for sale:
1. 4D HIFU has thermal stimulus for fatty and SMAS layer while produces heat effect for dermal collagen and collagenous fiber.
2. With the largest energy width of 10mm, 4D HIFU can dot a maximum lines of 12 at a time, which reduces the operation time to a large extent and makes the energy point functioning on skin more evenly.
3. Having more than 20000 shots, 4D Hifu can be used for much longer time than other similar skin rejuvenation machines.
4. Making up is allowed as soon as you finish the treatment, so worries about normal life and work won’t be necessary.
5. Adopting the most advanced technology, its probes are able to play their roles in different depth of skin. The strict compliance between targeted area and setting value also supplies patients with a painless and comfortable experience.
6. 4D HIFU possesses fast tightening and body shaping efficacy which can last for at least 18~24 months.
Application of hifu machine for sale:
1. Body shaping: Eliminate fat and realize S-shape figure.
2. Tightening: Eliminate looseness and restore tightness.
3. Lifting: Lift slackness and regain smoothness.
4. Tendering: Lock moisture and keep tender.


Portable HIFU Machine:

* Disclaimer: Specific effect vary from person.

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