Co2 Fractional Laser machine


Treatment theory of fraxel laser machine:

The wavelength of CO2 laser is 10.6μm, almost can be absorbed by human biological tissue (any skin color) completely. Using the energy of laser thermal and electromagnetic effects can avoid bleeding or less bleeding at cutting surgery,burning and gasification treatment. So, all this kind of treatments use CO2 laser.

CO2 laser machine for skin is laser equipment with RF Tube and 40W power, its output laser light transmits by optical arm joints, good at perfect direction, high energy density and balanced treatment energy to skin. Its output light is invisible, in order to make the operation more convenient, we add red semiconductor laser as the directed light.


Fractional co2 laser machine


Fractional & Pulsed theory:With a specific wavelength of 10600nm, the CO2 laser machine for skin can be absorbed by body tissues (no matter what color the skin is) by nearly 100%. Through the laser emitter, the micro-pulsed laser beam shoots on the target skin in nanometer level to achieve a controllable accurate treatment. Apart from that, the biochemical reactions produced during operation can accelerate collagen reproduction and skin recovery. In this way, fresh and smooth skin will regenerate as expected.  


Advantages of fraxel laser machine:

Safe and painless: Using reasonable beam pattern, normal mucosal tissues are reserved between different points, which uniformizes heat diffusion and prevents thermal injury. 
Tailor-made: What allows this CO2 laser machine for skin to treat according to different pathological changes is the array output with diversified dot densities.
Easy operation: The operation is so easy that operators can know every step of it after simple training.
Newest technology: This CO2 laser machine for skin is newly designed based on a mass of accumulated clinical methods.
Widely applicable: This machine can be applied to not only daily beautifying but also surgical resection.
Fast: Only 10-15 minutes is needed for the whole treatment process.
No downtime: Worries about postoperative impact won’t be necessary.
Potent tightening: The highest energy output of this private equipment is remarkable among all congeneric products, immensely accelerating its treatment efficacy. 
Targeted treatment: Six shapes (round, ellipse, square, rectangle, triangle and hexagon) can be used for different skin types and treatment areas.


Operation Screen

Co2 Fractional Laser



Application of fraxel laser machine:

Fractional function
● Comprehensive skin improvement (tighten, tender and whiten skin)
● Pigmented lesion (freckle, sun spots, chloasma, age pigment, etc.)
● Stretch marks, acne marks and wrinkles
● Various kinds of scars (surgery scar, burn scar, etc.)
● Vascular diseases (capillary proliferation, acne rosacea, etc.)
Pulsed function
It aims at cutting neoplasms, such as warts, nevi, actinic keratosis, seborrheic keratoses, adenoma sebaceum, syingoma and hemangiomas.

Fractional CO2 Laser BW200

* Disclaimer: Specific effect vary from person.


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