Similar to diode laser hair removal machine, double-handle diode laser hair removal machine has double treatment heads, which is an effective laser hair depilation machine. Double-handle diode laser machine also adopts 808nm wavelength, which can effectively penetrate the skin layer and reaches the hair follicle, and optimal pulse duration and energy density ensure that the machine can emit enough energy to destroy melanin and protect the normal skin from being damaged.

double-handle diode laser hair removal machine

Basic Function

1. Doulde-handle diode laser hair removal machine is a good helper for people with exuberant hair, which can remove the excess hair on lips, neck, arms, back, chest, legs, arms, underarms, bikini, etc safely and rapidly.

2. It also has good skin rejuvenation and shaping performance. In addition, it can effectively shrink pores and increase skin elasticity.


Operation Screen

operation screen of BM101



1. Double handpieces Two handpieces with different output power and spot sizes to treat the area with different size and energy requirement.

2. Multiple functions This machine can stimulate the multiplication of collagen while eliminate excess hair, making your skin smooth and exquisite.

3. Super large spot The spot sizes of two treatment heads are 20mm*20mm and 16mm*14mm respectively, which can increase the operation speed immensely.


double-handle diode laser hair removal machine price


4. Engligh and Spainish operation interface Users may select the specific operation interface with specific language, such as English, Spainish, Russian, French etc with personal language custom.

5. Top quality and good performance Double-handle diode laser hair removal machine BM101 adopts Germany diode laser, high-efficient engine and cooling system, which ensures the quality and performance of the equipment.


Treatment Contrast

hair removal before and after


*Disclaimer:feedback from the customer, specific treatment effect is due to people. The product can not guarantee 100% of the treatment effect.



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