Principle of laser hair growth machine:

máquina recrecimiento cabello láser diodo


* Diode laser hair regrowth machine is an advanced laser hair regrowth machine, which has very good hair regrowth effect in a short time. Laser hair regrowth system can penetrate into the skin surface without heating effect, and there are still no skin damage or any negative side-effects, which can accelerate the hair growth and hair thickening speed of the treating area. Best hair regrowth system can transport all kinds of nutrients to the hair roots, which can penetrate into the hair follicle, thus promote the growth of new hair.
* Moreover, nutrients like ATP can be penetrate into hair follicle directly while harmful waste like DHT can be easily removed out of hair follicle. ATP can greatly increase cell metabolism and cell activity, and then the weakened follicles will reorganize to produce beautiful and healthy hair. In addition, best laser hair regrowth device can greatly accelerate the blood circulation of scalp, improving the ability of collagen fiber regeneration and promote metabolism. The oxygen and nutrition can be sent to the hair follicles easily by laser hair therapy machine, which can greatly prevent hair loss. In conclusion, hair regrowth machine is an effective hair regrowth and anti hair-lossing machine, which has been widely applied to all kinds of beauty salon, hospital, clinic etc.

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Operation Screen interface laser hair growth machine:

máquina recrecimiento cabello láser diodo


Advantages of laser hair growth machine:
* Applicable to all skin and hair types, comfortable and painless for clients.
* High density, safety and effect non-ablative diode laser are promised.
* Large treatment size 4 pieces of laser panel greatly reduce treatment time.
* The height of the laser panel is adjustable by means of an articulated arm to be suitable for customers of all heights.
* The lamp holder can complete a 360 ° rotation.
* No specialized training is needed thanks to its easy operation.
* Increase the amount of blood flowing to the top of the scalp by up to 55% to promote hair growth in the hair follicle.
* For people with excessive dry or oily scalp, the laser can regulate the activity of the sebaceous glands, causing 85% of patients to stop hair loss.
* Repair damaged hair stems, increasing the thickness of each hair by 25% to make hair thicker and more voluptuous.
* During its lifetime, the machine operates so stably that it can be in use for hours without interruption.
Applied groups:
* People looking for perfect hair quality.
* Women with postpartum alopecia.
* People with seborrheic alopecia, hereditary alopecia or alopecia areata.
* People who have had a hair transplant operation.
* Baldness patch.
* Stress causes hair loss.


Comparison Photo laser hair growth machine:

hair regrowth contrast

* Disclaimer: Specific effect vary from person.

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