Treatment theory of CO2 fractional laser beauty machine:
* Fractional technology is a benchmark for efficiency and comfort in laser resurfacing procedures. Fractional resurfacing consists in the emission of tiny laser energy beams which penetrate into the skin in the form of thermal columns all the way to the dermis while leaving untreated tissue in-between them. Laser energy is deposited into the tissue with a pattern of random shots which alternate areas treated by laser with those of intact skin. This provides for a faster recovery and tissue regeneration and is a virtually painless treatment.
Láser CO2 Fraccionado Portátil
* These thermal micro-columns treat the dermis superficially and also in depth, reaching the underlying layers of the dermis and stimulating collagen formation. In addition, this mechanism allows for individualized treatments, adapting them to the needs of each patient.
* This CO2 fractional laser also applies for vaginal treatment and has a good effect.
* With a specific wavelength of 10600nm, the co2 fractional laser machine can be absorbed by body tissues (no matter what color the skin is) by nearly 100%. Through the laser emitter, the micro-pulsed laser beam shoots on the target skin in nanometer level to achieve a controllable accurate treatment. Apart from that, the biochemical reactions produced during operation can accelerate collagen reproduction and skin recovery. In this way, fresh and smooth skin will regenerate as expected.
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South Korea imported 7-articulated arms with good quality lenses.
Variety of scan graphics optional, applying for different skin types and treatment areas.
Advantages of CO2 fractional laser machine:
* Germany imported Mini-Stepper-Motors with the best quality makes the laser shoot faster and the energy more uniform and stable.
* High-quality constant current and constant voltage power supply, ensuring a stable and continuous power supply for the machine.
* Professional 45° and 360° vaginal tightening treatment heads.
* Only 10~15 minutes is needed for the whole treatment process, it is very fast.
* No downtime, don’t worry about the postoperative impact.
co2 laser
Operation Screen
Application of co2 fractional laser machine:
* Smooth scars, such as surgical scars, burned scars, acne scars, etc.
* Skin renewal and repaving, especially recovery from sun damage.
* Eliminate wrinkles, Skin tightening.
* Eliminate pigments, such as intractable chloasmas, age spots, etc.
* Acne treatment, Restore your beauty.
* Vaginal stretching, Vaginal whitening; Urinary incontinence.
Equipo para co2 fraccionado
* Disclaimer: Specific effect vary from person.

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