10 ways make skin rejuvenation come true!


1.No smoking

 Smoking is a common cause of wrinkles. Study shows that smoking make wrinkles appear early.

2.Refuse desserts

 As the old saying goes, you will become what you eat. Eating too much desserts not only make you put on weight, but speed up your aging process. Therefore, reduce the intake of sugar and your skin will become young.

3.No drinking

All the alcohol result in skin dehydration. You may find your skin will not that tender and soft after drinking. As time goes on, skin will gradually lose flexibility. Besides, alcohol can affect the level of vitamin A in your body. As we all know, vitamin A , an important antioxidants in the body and skin, can promote new cell regeneration.

4.Stop chewing gums

skin care and skin rejuvenation

5.Clean face before sleep

 Accumulated during the day makeup powder and environmental contaminants can penetrate into the pores, then damage collagen and elastin, and accelerate the formation of wrinkles.

6.Avoid squeezing pimples

 Let pimples natural cure, or use natural products to accelerate the acne removing process. However, if you can't wait to squeeze it,  you will cause skin irritation, scarring and even wrinkles.

7.Protect your skin from sunlight

 Even few minutes’ sun exposure, it is likely to lead to collagen breakdown, which results in wrinkles. No matter sunny or rainy, we should use skin care products that contain SPF everyday. Dr Dermatologist Debra Jaliman advised, we’d better choose SPF30 index of sunscreen cream.

8.Early to bed

Staying up late not only damage your health, but make you look aged and pale.

9. Playing sports

Exercise every day make you young and energetic and so does your skin.

10. Of course, the most  fast and effective method is choosing professional skin rejuvenation machines from BESTVIEW, such IPL skin rejuvenation machines as HIFU BM589, HIFU BM689 and PDT LED-B8 for face.









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