What is the best laser hair removal machine?

Author: BVlaser   Time: 2021/12/08
Many beauty institutions and spa clinics want to pursue the perfect best laser hair removal machine. Whether there is the best laser hair removal machine can be seen from the market. Functionally pursuing permanent hair removal while taking into account the comfort of the customer, that is, painless hair removal, is the perfect laser hair removal machine.
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IPL SHR: Formerly the most widely used ipl laser hair removal machine. Developed on a hair removal machine that combines ipl and shr laser tubes. SHR stands for Super Hair Removal, a technology designed for hair removal, which is achieving overwhelming success. The system combines Laser technology and the benefits of the Pulsing Light system to achieve painless results.
Diode Laser: The best standard for hair removal is 808nm, and the effect is remarkable. Very popular is probably the most widely used today, since it allows to act on skin types I to VI and tan, with dark hair. Its wavelength is 810/808 nanometers.
Soprano laser: it is the last one that has been introduced to the permanent hair removal market. It combines three wavelength lasers to meet the needs of different parts and different skin colors. It can cover almost everyone who needs waxing.
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There are now probably three types of permanent laser hair removal machines on the market. The hair removal effect is very good, as the technology advances, the machine becomes more and more perfect.
The type of laser is generally the more advanced the machine, the better the effect. But buyers should choose their own laser hair removal machine according to their customer type and budget. Generally speaking, these three machines are enough to satisfy you. If you still don't know how to choose your own hair removal machine, you can contact us for 1v1 answer.
Bestview has considered these three laser hair removal machines for customers, and can combine laser types to meet their needs. The best combination of permanent hair removal and painless hair removal.
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