BVlaser group is a professional manufacturer based on medical & aesthetic devices for doctors, dermatologists, beauticians, and health care professionals. Established in 1999, we have achieved ground-breakig innovations with more than 30 kinds of customized products for medical and cosmetic procedures. The main products are Best Trilaser Diode laser, professional IPL OPT SHR, ND YAG Q switch tattoo removal laser machine, CO2 fractional laser machine, Super Picosecond Laser, Multifunctional beauty Machine, etc.
From the early days of the company's establishment, it has been exported to more than 50 countries around the world. Including Mexico, Chile, Spain, United Kingdom, United States, South Africa, Norway, etc.
As a professional beauty machine manufacturer, we provide one-stop services for all kinds of salons and beauty centers around the world. You can enjoy preferential policies when you buy our complete sets of beauty equipment.


Bestview Bvlaer factory


We can provide the following services:
* We can provide our beauty machine housings in custom colors so that the equipment can match your salon color scheme.
* We can print your company logo directly on the beauty machine, as well as integrate it into the machine's software.
* Each beauty machine comes equipped with an instruction book, video for installation and operation, and we also offer free online training service.
* Bestview provides clinical practice treatment parameters for your reference free of charge and helps you achieve optimal therapeutic effects by using our beauty machine.
* Because we have already cooperated with many beauty salons in many countries and have rich experience, Bestview can provide local market quotes for clients freely and offer marketing programs for reference. 

Laboratory of Zhengzhou Bestview Group:

Laboratory of Bestview Bvlaer group

The factory mass produces machines every day.

Bestview Bvlaer applies a Medical Device Quality System (Medical CE, ISO13485, 93/42/EEC) that meets European Medical Device Directives, United States FDA. From our workshop, we maintain a detail oriented approach beginning with the assembly production line, electrical installation and testing in plant, to be rigorously checked again by sustained use for a 24 hours period before being packaged for delivery. Each unit is assigned its own serial number for tracking purposes to help our customers know they come first.
Bestview offers professional medical devices for medical clinics that can carry out fat reduction, skin whitening, waxing, wrinkle removal, freckle and mole treatment, tattoo removal, scar removal and more. We have acquired the CE certification issued by TUV, as well as the ISO quality certification. Therefore, our beauty machines are completely suitable for medical applications.

Labotory of Bestview Group:

company office of Bestview Bvlaer group

company office

Our technicians are testing the machine. Ensure the best quality of each machine before export.


Bestview Group always try our best to learn and innovate in the development process, and welcome to visit our office to give us more suggestion or check our machine at any time. We strive to achieve to be the leader in medical & aesthetic devices manufacturing industry all over the world! Contact us now.

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