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BVlaser Science and Technology CO.,LTD

BVlaser group is a profesional manufacturer based on medical & aesthetic devices for doctors,dermatologists, beauticians, and healthcare professionals. Since its establishment in 1999, we have achieved ground-breaking innovations with more than 50 kinds of customized products for medical and cosmetic procedures.






*Disclaimer: feedback from the customer, specific treatment effect is due to people, The product can not guarantee 100% of the treatment effect.

  • Lucy
    Job Title: Beauty Salon Owner
    From: Mexico
    Our customer is very satisfied with it!

  • Sarah
    Job Title: Doctor
    From: USA
    We are very happy with the CO2 Fractional Laser great results and very good performance.
  • super opt shr
    Job Title: Beautician
    From: Australia
    Dear BVlaser, I am so happy with the machine, thanks very much!
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