Portable HIFU machine BM689 uses high energy ultrasound that focuses treatment position, so that the skin tissue to create heat, and cause cells high speed friction to stimulate collagen. This heat effect will not harm the epidermis, since treatment fast and direct access to the treatment site within 0-0.5 seconds without touching the surrounding tissue and can go directly to surface membrane system tendon ( SMAS), which can be made firm skin while pulling the muscle layer, thin face to the progressive effect.


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The skin of human body is aging with the elapse of time, which ony only manifested by supercial layer aging, but also fascial and ligament laxity that is SMAS relaxation problem. Lots of people are puzzled by this problem all over the world, which promotes the invention and development of hifu laser skin rejuvenation machine.


Working Layer of HIFU BM589

HIFU Ulthera BM689


HIFU ipl facial rejuvenation machine is mainly used for overall skin tissue laxity, sagging, excessive wrinkles, skin aging etc, which can effectively enhance the elasticity of eye area and neck tissues. Different from other skin rejuvenation machine manufacturers, Bestview Group devotes to offer the best skin rejuvenation device for worldwide customers, which has abundant microcurrent facial rejuvenation machine production experience, large body srejuvenation system production scale and stong scientific and technicial strength in the production of HIFU BM 589, BM689 and led facial light therapy machine etc.


Operation Video of HIFU Machine



HIFU ipl skin rejuvenation machine is also called as High intensity focused ultrasoundIt skin rejuvenation system, which uses the ultrasonic wave as the energy source, and the ultrasonic energy emitted by laser skin rejuvenation home device focalizes in human SMAS layer, and it forms a high sound intensity region. HIFU skin rejuvenation device home can go deep into skin layers, such as 1.5mm, 3.0mm, 4.5mm and 13mm. In addition, hifu ipl skin rejuvenation home device can rise the temperature of SMAS layer to 65 degrees in 0.5 seconds, which is the highest temperature among all non surgical skin rejuvenation device. 



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HIFU Ulthera BM689


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