The wavelength of CO2 laser is 10.6μm, almost can be absorbed by human biological tissue (any skin color) completely. Using the energy of laser thermal and electromagnetic effects can avoid bleeding or less bleeding at cutting surgery,burning and gasification treatment. So, all this kind of treatments use CO2 laser. 




1. Smooth wrinkles and fine lines; Flatten worry lines and expression; Rinse sun-damaged skin.

2. Reduce acne scars; Decreasing pores; Flatten traumatic scars.

3. You can reduce puffiness and dark circles under the eyes; Reduce the double chin and improve angle of the jaw.

4. Remove the age spots/sun on the skin etc.


CO2 fractional laser is laser equipment with RF Tube and 40W power, its output laser light transmits by optical arm joints, good at perfect direction, high energy density and balanced treatment energy to skin. Its output light is invisible, in order to make the operation more convenient, we add red semiconductor laser as the directed light.


Comparison of Treatment Effect

Fractional CO2 Laser BW200


*Disclaimer:feedback from the customer, and specific treatment effect is due to people. The product can not guarantee 100% of the treatment effect.



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