Brief Introduction of the Hair Removal Machine

Author: BESTVIEW   Time: 2018/03/20

 Hair removal machine refers to a small electrical device used to remove body hair. Epilators currently on the market are mainly "female epilators". They are used to remove indecent hairs such as bristles and leg hairs and help women to dress. Now we will introduce better hair removal machine to you.

BESTVIEW Science and Technology CO.,LTD

Different from the male electric shaver, the epilator does not use the sharp blade to scrape the body hair, but uses the “clip” to pull the body hair up. Bestview hair removal machine through a number of high-speed rotations of the clip wheel can be up to half a millimeter of hair uprooted, the effect is long-lasting, the skin can remain smooth and smooth for up to four weeks. During the entire process, our Bestview hair removal machine does not have direct contact with the skin, but electromagnetic waves from the epilator will reach the bottom of the hair, causing the hair root cells to coagulate and necrosate. Therefore, the pain caused when the hair is removed is greatly reduced, and the hair is not regenerated.


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