Brief Introduction of Bestview Facial Microdermabrasion Machine

Author: BESTVIEW   Time: 2018/01/17

Facial microdermabrasion machine is a widely-used skin cleaning equipment, which makes full use of tiny silica crystals and spray it on the skin surface at high speed in vacuum condition, and then suck it back by another tube. Its working principle is to grind the dead skin cells off the surface, improving skin regeneration and skin condition. In addition, it can also improve cellular tissue, effectively reduce small wrinkles, smooth certain scars (like dark scars) and other uneven skin problems. It can also stimulate the regeneration of the dermis and increase the skin elasticity.

microdermabrasion machine


The treatment of facial microdermabrasion machine does not require any anaesthesia, and users need to wear protective lens to prevent crystal from entering into the eyes. In general, if you want to achieve a very good effect, one should repeat the treatment for multiple times, and it will achieve a very good result with 2 months treatment. Each treatment time only takes about 30 minutes. According to different skin type and condition, doctors and clinicians will make specific plans.

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