Introduction of Double-handle Diode Laser Hair Removal Machine

Author: BESTVIEW   Time: 2018/03/07

Double-handle diode laser hair removal machine is a new type of hair removal machine, which are equipped with two treatment heads for effective hair removal. Double-handle diode laser BM101 is the reorganize and innovate of diode laser hair removal machine, which has been tested successfully in the workshop and be successfully brought into market.


For medium and large-sized beauty center or spa salon, double-handle diode laser machine BM101 can be a pretty good choice. Specific details such as language of operation screen, voltage, appearance design etc can be personalized with actual demand, and we can totally ensure that the machine has good performance and long service life with reliable CE, FDA&ISO certificates, and we offer two year warranty for our machine, and specific machine operation and other guidance can be provided with specific operation conditions. In addition, we also offer other types of hair removal machine to choose, such as ipl shr hair removal machine, e light hair removal machine etc. Contact us if you are free for a free quotation of any types of hair removal equipment.

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